Daryl Parks Platform and focus for the National Bar Association are:
  • Improve technological infrastructure

    - Increase knowledge and access to NBA events and membership benefits by creating a more member friendly website. Improve the online registration process for conferences and conventions, offer group discounts to various car rental, hotel chains, and other business partners. Highlight monthly those members that have made significant contributions to the legal profession.
  • Improve finance and budgetary systems - Evaluate our current finance and budgetary systems to ensure the NBA is a financially sound organization. Implement a system of checks and balances where needed to ensure continued financial strength and stability.
  • Continue efforts to diversify revenue streams

    - Strengthen current and build new relationships with other legal organizations, entities and businesses. Increase membership and dues intake, as well as find alternative revenue sources for funding.
  • Elevate the NBA’s voice on judicial and legal issues

    - Foster the relationship between the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government on a National level, and encourage affiliate chapters to do the same on the State and Local level. Keep members abreast of the NBA’s stance on legislative issues, judicial appointments , executive appointments and significant court rulings.
  • Renew, Reclaim & Recruit

    – Encourage current members to renew their dedication to the NBA by devoting their time (register and attend conferences and convention), finances (pay dues) and talents (participate on boards and committees). Reclaim old members and recruit new members through pipeline efforts at law schools and/or other voluntary bar associations.